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No not really, its easy!

Don't hyperventilate--just follow the simple instructions below.

care SUCCS


You will want to use a mister or a spray bottle. The best rule of thumb is to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. Depending on your climate, you will want to mist at the root once every 3-4 weeks.

do not overwater

This is very not over-water! I know some of you think you are loving your plants more when you give them more water, but it is quite the opposite for succulents. They like drier soil, so let your soil dry out before you mist it again. That's why we recommend misting to help prevent this. Overwatering makes us want to cry. :(


Our succulents can absolutely be inside, but you will want to make sure they are receiving enough sunlight. They love bright, indirect sunlight,  so putting them by or near a window is best. 


Some succulents can tolerate frost, like hens and chicks. Typically succulents hate the frost. They are mostly water based, so when put in freezing conditions, they freeze and die. If your climate lends itself to frost then it is best to bring your succulent garden inside until the frost is gone.


if you need to replant

When dealing with live plants, sometimes one just doesn't make it. It's okay, you're not a horrible person. It happens to the best of us. Just follow these simple steps to replace a lost one.


1. Go to your local nursery and pick up a 2" succulent of your choice.

2. Lay your vertical garden flat and in an area that can get a little messy.

3. Remove the moss that is around the lost succulent and put aside.

4. You will see a wire cage, and an area in the cage that was cut. open the wire and pull out the lost succulent

5. Dig out enough soil in that area for the new succulent to fit.

6. Put the new succulent in the hole you just created and pack the soil down around it.

7. Add additional soil if needed and bend the wire cage back down around the new succulent.

8. lightly mist it to help the soil compact

9. Get a chopstick or skewer to help you weave the moss you set aside. You will want to weave and tuck the moss around the new succulent.

10. Let the vertical garden sit flat for 1 week until the new succulent gets acclimated.

11. Simply hang back up and enjoy!

Do-It-Yourself Kit


1. Lay the wood frame flat in an area that can get alittle messy.
2. Pull out the moss through the wire cage.
3. Scoop soil into the wire cage area and fill 2/3 up.
4. Start arranging your plant of choice into the wire cage area. If the root ball is larger then the wire opening, simply snip the wire to create a larger opening and pinch the wire closed over the root.
5. Fill the remaining wire cage area with soil and pack it down. Mist the soil to help it compact down.
6. Use the moss to weave between the wire and poke moss down in the soil. Use a chopstick or a skewer to help you weave and tuck the moss down. The moss will help to keep the soil in.
7. Let the vertical garden sit flat for 1-2 weeks.
8. Hang in a well lit area and enjoy! 

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